Live. Love. Flowers. - NOW on Snapchat!

Many of you that know me personally, know that I have been boycotting getting a Snapchat. I figure if I want to send people pictures and messages, I can just send regular picture messages. 

Recently, I've been considering getting a Snapchat for business uses. So often, people ask to see behind the scenes floral arranging pictures or previews of wedding setups. These are not pretty things. When I arrange flowers, my entire house gets trashed. These are not things I want to advertise on my Facebook page or website. Snapchat is a great way to let people into the BTS of floral design while not displaying my mess for the whole internet to see! 


SO, I made a Snapchat!! Now, you can add me on there to see things that are not "brand worthy" to be on my Facebook! I'll be posting pictures when I get flowers, pictures of me in my pajamas arranging flowers, Otis eating my flowers and various other floral related things! I'm really excited for this! 

Ranunculus from a wedding last week.

Ranunculus from a wedding last week.

I also plan on using Snapchat for instant giveaways and to unload some of my flowers after weddings. Facebook is so limiting with it's algorithms and how many people it allows to see my posts without paying. So often, I have a great deal on leftover flowers and only a few dozen people see the post. With snapchat, everyone can see it!

Today, I dropped off my new business cards at La Belle Vie Bridal Salon. Betsy is awesome if you're in need of a wedding dress and you can pick up one of my fabulous new cards while you're there! My cards are covered in pink glitter. Is there anything better than that?!?!

When you work floral design part time out of your home, its not pretty and organized like you see on a tv show. It's me (usually in Christmas pajamas) designing floral arrangements until 3am. It's stems and buckets all over my house. It's one dog sitting on the couch staring at me and the other sneaking off to take flowers out of buckets. I'm glad that enough people care enough about me, and my workflow to follow me, because I think this is going to be a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to do this!

Now, go add me! liveloveflower