What kind of arrangements, bouquets, etc. can you make?

Anything you’ve seen on pinterest or in a magazine, I can do! I can do all your personal flowers, ceremony, decorations, reception arrangements and more! With that being said, pinterest is great for ideas but often pictures celebrity weddings or styled shoots and it’s not realistic for a normal wedding. But if you show me things you like, I can give appropriate suggestions based on your budget!

How much should I expect to pay for flowers?

Every couple will have a different floral budget. On average, a bridal bouquet will be around $200-$300, bridesmaids bouquets $60-$100 each, and centerpieces $30-$100 each. With that being said, due to minimum order quantities, the more types of flowers you use, the more expensive they will be. If you only use certain flowers in the bridal bouquet and nowhere else, that bridal bouquet will be significantly more expensive than if those flowers could also be used in centerpieces. Every flower has a different price, and every wedding wants a different combinations of flowers, so this is just an average.

For a look into how much some highly requested Pinterest items cost, check out this blog post I wrote about the cost of wedding flowers. 


Where do you get your flowers from?

I have a fantastic wholesaler based in Miami. They source flowers from all over the US, South America and Europe. 

How far in advance do you recommend booking with you?

I recommend booking around 9 months (or more) from your wedding. With that in mind, I have booked weddings with 6 weeks notice and up to 18 months out. Whenever you’re ready is the right time to book, but keep in mind, I book a limited number of weddings each year. 

Is there a fee if I have to cancel my wedding?

First off, I hope that doesn’t happen, but I understand that it does (I’ve cancelled 2 weddings so I understand). There is no fee for cancelling but your initial deposit is non-refundable. If cancellation occurs after the final bill is sent, full payment is still required as the flowers would already be ordered at that time and I would be unable to cancel the order.

What payment plans do you offer?

I require 25% of the total as a non-refundable deposit. 2 months prior to your wedding, an additional 50% is due. Your final payment is due 2 weeks prior to your wedding. I do offer a deferred financing plan, which allows your last payment to be made up to 2 weeks after your wedding. A financing fee is charged with the deferred payment plan. You can set up a monthly payment plan as well if desired. 

Do you travel to locations outside of the immediate Quad Cities?

YES! I will go wherever you want me! In some cases, travel expenses may apply and that will be discussed in your consultation.


Is there a limit on how many arrangements I can request?

The sky is the limit! Anything you can dream up, we can do! Keep in mind, all changes must be made prior to 30 days before the wedding.

Do you work alone or do you have a staff that assists you in creation and/or delivery?

As a general answer, I work alone aside from the company of Netflix and the dogs. I create most everything on my own. I do have a day-of assistant who helps with larger set ups and a few assistants that help make corsages and boutonnieres. 

How many weddings do you take in a weekend?

It depends on the weekend. I typically keep myself to 2 weddings. If it is a particularly large wedding, it will be my only one. I can also have several small weddings in one weekend. 

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept cash and check. I also accept all major credit cards for a small processing fee. I also offer online payments through my client management service.

Do you deliver or do I have to pick everything up?

Live. Love. Flowers. is a full service florist! That means I deliver everything and set it up for you!. Reception tear down is available for an additional charge. 


how much does delivery typically run?

Delivery for personal flowers is free for one location, an additional location can be added. Delivery and setup for your ceremony and reception will run 5-10% depending on the complexity of the setup. You are always welcome to schedule a pickup as well. Delivery outside of 20 miles has an additional charge of $0.75 per mile

How much are your packages?

I don’t offer packages. I feel like each wedding should reflect the couples’ personal style and not selected from a menu of options. Every wedding has different needs and different ideas of what makes their wedding perfect.

Are there any flowers you can’t get or I shouldn’t use?

I can get almost anything at any time; however, if they are out of season, they will likely be more expensive. There are occasional things (or certain colors) I wouldn’t be able to get at certain times, and I will let you know of those during our appointment if its something you’re interested in. I want your wedding to look gorgeous! I don’t want you to have droopy flowers, so I will make sure to be honest with you about what will work best for your individual wedding.

Do you work with real or silk flowers?

I far prefer real flowers but I can definitely work with silk as well. A lot of times people think silk is going to be less expensive. I work with high quality silks that last a lifetime, and are often double the price of real flowers. 

Do I need to provide my own vases/centerpiece materials?

I have a large selection of vases, votives, mirrors, scatter bling, etc. If you have something specific you want, I’m always open to expanding my inventory. I also have a few vintage rental companies I work with if that’s more your style than what I have in stock. If you have your own items that you want to use, we can definitely do that as well! 

Do I have to return my own rental items?

Yes, I require rental items to be returned within 48 hours. I do offer reception tear down options or pickup options for an extra fee if you prefer to not be in charge of returning your items.

Do you have options if I want to make my own centerpieces?

YES! I rent out all my items whether or not you choose to have me do your reception flowers. We can discuss these options on an individual basis at your consultation.

Do you work with same sex couples?

Absolutely! I love love in all its forms!